Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lots of excited kids today!!!   Could it be the full moon,  or is there a storm on the way.

Don’t forget to read “Rules” tonight.     There will be a trivia question about it tomorrow.

The students who took their STAR math test today did excellent work.   Can’t wait to show you the results at next week’s conferences.

Keep reading!!   AR goals need to be met by Friday.

Next multiplication timed test will be on Friday.   Check to see if your child passed their test today and is moving on to a new lever.

Homework for tonight:

Grade 2

Handwriting:  p. 74-75

Practice  spelling words and multiplication facts.

Practice script for reader’s theater.

Read:  Splish, Splash, Bath

Grade 3

Handwriting: p. 90-93

Practice spelling words and multiplication facts.

Practice script for reader’s theater.

Read Cook-A-Doodle-Do




Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy President’s Day!!   Today we read all about how this holiday came to be.    Originally the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington were celebrated on separate days.  It was in 1971, when the holidays were combined,  that we now honor all of our presidents on one day,  the third Monday of February.

The kids are so loving the big piles of snow on our playground.   They have some neat forts and tunnels going on back there.     It seems there is something for everyone to do and no arguing or fighting.  Makes life lots easier for the teachers too.    Just wish it would warm up a little.

Be sure to help your child study their spelling words for this week.      We took the pretest today and from the looks of things the words must be hard.   Only 1 got 100% and doesn’t have to take the Friday test.

Just a heads up for tomorrow.   The lunch menu has changed.  April is serving cheese quesidillas.   In case this is something your child doesn’t care for, you may want to send a cold lunch with them.

Thank you to all for the diligence within the families of finding creative ways of reading “The Rules” book.    I know the children are loving the time your family is spending together.

Both the second and third graders will be bringing home new reading books tonight.    We are now into the second half of our basals.    I have asked each grade to read pages 12-13.

We will continue our STAR testing tomorrow.    Second graders will be testing and one third grader who didn’t quite finish last Thursday.    Please be sure your child gets a good night’s sleep so they can do their best.   I am pleased with the results so far for the ones who have completed their testing.

Please remember to turn in your $10 family donation toward our class basket as soon as possible.    This is for our classroom contribution toward the silent auction for the school fundraiser coming up on March 30th.    I would like all money to by the end of February so I can begin to put our basket together.

Our study in religion right now is all about the Paschal mystery, Jesus’ suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension.    It is leading us right into Lent which begins with Ash Wednesday on March 6th.

Second and third graders will be playing the handbells at this Wednesday’s mass.   They will be performing Jesus Loves Me.   Please come and join us and support our wonderful children as they share their musical talents.     The following week will be the second and third grade mass.   We would love to have you join us next Wednesday also.


Homework for tonight:


Math:   Check My Progress worksheet

Reading:   Read pages 12-13        Discuss vocabulary words.

Grammar:  Grade 3   pages 95-96

Spelling Grade 3   pages 97-98

Practice your part for the readers’ theater.



Friday, February 15, 2019

Happy Friday.     The sugar high from yesterday’s Valentine party must have had some lasting effects.    Lots of energetic children today.     Wish I could go back to those times when everything was fun and carefree.

Congratulations to Michael DeWall who was the winner of today’s Subway certificate.   His name was drawn from all of the reading logs that were turned in today.   The class reminded me that this was his third win in a row.   Lucky boy!!!   Two of our classmates have read over 2,500 minutes this year.   Each of them received a certificate for a $3 book from the book order.   Keep reading kids!    A few more are very close to reaching that milestone.

Speaking of reading,  Friday, February 22, is the last day to achieve AR goals and earn the reading reward.    Most of the children are doing well, but they may just need one more push at the end.

We had a great time at book bingo today.   This was part of our I Love to Read Month activities.  Every child went home with 3 new books to read.   Thank you to all who sent in donations.    You made a lot of children very happy.   Our next activity will be Friday, February 22, when we will find out who our special mystery reader will be.     Then, join us on March 1st for our final activity when each class will be performing the reader’s theater selection they have been preparing.

Homework for tonight:

Grade 3 Math  p. 393-394


Spelling words for next week:

Grade 2

part    start    park    farm    dark    sort    storm    short    for   horse    screen    scream    stripe    spring     sprain

Grade 3

yawn    taught    salt    lawn    halls    hauls    hawks   squawk    bought    bawls     drawing    caused     paused    crawled    coughing     joyful    coins     spoiled    walrus   autumn


Don’t forget that Monday is a snow make-up day.   We will be in session at our regular time.   Unfortunately, since district 742 is not in session, there will be no busing so parents will need to transport their children


Have a great weekend.   Stay warm.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day.   We had a great time at our party.  We opened our valentines and then watched a Charlie Brown Valentine video.     Thank you to everyone for the wonderful treats and cards.   We have the best families at our school.

Reading logs are due tomorrow.

A reader’s theater script was sent home with your child today.    I ask that you help them read through the lines to get the gyst of the story.  I will tell them tomorrow which part they have.   We will be performing them on March 3rd as our finale to I Love to Read Month.

Tomorrow we will be playing book bingo for I Love to Read Month.    Thank you to all who donated books for the event.   Every child, whether they bingo or not, will be bringing home a new book to read.

Thank you to those who sent in their $10 contribution for our class basket for this year’s school fundraiser.    I would appreciate all donations to be given to me by the end of February so I have time to put our basket together before the March 30th date.

A week from tomorrow is the end of trimester 2.   AR goals need to be met by February 22nd.   Also, parent teacher conferences are set for February 28th.  If you have not indicated what time you prefer for conference time, please contact Mrs. Rasmussen soon.

We ran out of time and were unable to complete the STAR tests today.  We will continue them Tuesday of next week.


Have a great evening.   Happy Valentines.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Wednesday.    The snow finally came to an end and it sounds like we may have a few dry days this coming week.     Still love living in Minnesota though.

I apologize for the late notice but we will be doing a Valentine’s Day party tomorrow.  If any of the children want to bring cards or treats to share,  they may do so.

Tomorrow will also be the day that we will be finishing up our Star testing.   We will be doing the math portion of the test.   There is nothing to study for but I encourage everyone to get a good night’s sleep so they can do their best.

Reading logs are due on Friday.

The St. Wendelin spring fundraiser is coming up on March 30.   The theme is Denim and Rhinestones.  Each class has been asked to put together a basket for the silent auction.     I am asking for a $10 donation from each family for the purchase of items for our class  basket.    You can send the money to me anytime but I would appreciate if I could have it by the end of February so I can start putting the basket together.   Thank you.

Homework for tonight:

Study spelling words.

Practice multiplication facts.   Next timed test will be Friday.

Religion crossword puzzle for the third graders.



Friday, February 8, 2019

Another chilly one today.   Guess on days like this it is best to not have school and let everyone stay safe at home.

Not sure if we will be rescheduling the Healthy Read In which was set for today, but we will let you know if it does get rescheduled.

Reading logs can be brought in on Monday.

Keep reading the Rules book with your family.     I’ll be asking a couple of trivia about it on Monday.

Spelling words for next week in case you want to use today to study.

Grade 2

screen     strict    scream    sprain     scrape     spring     spruce    stripe    struck   strap     which    watch    teaching     teeth    fishing

Grade 3

coy    loyal     enjoys     joyful    soybean

soil    foil    toil   coins    point    noise     boiled    spoiled    voice    choice

spoon   rude    shook    noisy    checkpoint


Stay warm.    Hopefully I will see everyone on Monday.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Happy hump day.    I guess we will have to wait and see what the weather brings tomorrow.    But if the noise level in the lunchroom is any indication, we will be having a big storm tomorrow, because for some reason, the kids are pretty good predictors.

Don’t forget that we will be attending the Little Mermaid play tomorrow.   If your child does not have their permission slip turned in, please send it with them in the morning.   They will not be allowed on the bus without it.  We will be leaving school around 8:45 and returning in time for lunch.

End of the trimester is fast approaching.    AR goals need to be met by February 22nd.   Two have made their goals and the rest are busily working toward them.

Homework for tonight:

Many of the things we did today were done together or in small group so there will not be much for homework tonight.

Math:  p. 375-376

Work on multiplication facts for the Friday timed test.

Study spelling words for Friday test.